Twitter on Musicians

"HAHAHA! a friend of mine told me she wanted to date a musician! um, no, you don't. we're so screwed up and selfish and sad - no, you don't!"

@missuseless: u got that right girl.
@LoveMeLastBand: "Becoming a Fan" would be a lot easier on her heart. :)
@kelseyshawn_9: amen to that.
@christinenstone: hahaha agreed! we musicians are a mess. tell your friend dating a musicians is like drugs just say no lol
@nel1jack: date a musician? is she nuts? Tell her to go listen to Kiss- Beth
@timothydanger: shhh don't ruin our myth! We're sweethearts hahaha plus when we break up with her we'll write mean songs
@anautumnrain: true true. Lol
@silentcabaret: um excuse me, I'm musician but I am so NOT screwed up! ok who am I kidding? I couldn't keep a straight face when I typed that.