This is a song that I wrote a LONG while back. I happened upon it tonight and thought I'd share it with you :) Hope you like it!

I am a hero
I am a loser
I am a gamble
I am a bruiser
I know exactly where to kick you when you’re down
Oh, what a wonderful sound

This is everything I own
Call me a heathen
Call me alone
I’ll stick my neck out
Bite at your toes
Wish I had something more
Than words to transpose

I am a wonder
I am a winner
I rigged the cards
Claiming luck of beginner
You’re down on your knees just beggin to know my name
This is a wonderful game

I’ll let you know none of me
Let you pick and prod and plead until you bleed
Rest assured this is everything
Nothing to know
Even less to see

Nobody taught me
Nobody hit me
Nobody brought me the judge and the jury
Cause, baby, there’s no one here who wants to see me cry
This is a wonderful lie