Hedge Maze

i wish i had a yard.
if i had a yard i'd put hedges in it.
if i had a yard with hedges i'd make a maze.
if i had a hedge maze in my yard i'd make an entrance but no exit.
i'd make people go into it.
they wouldn't come out.
i'd watch & laugh at the people in the hedge maze in my yard.
but i have no yard.
ok, done sounding like a serial killer now.

Rhyming Free Write (5/31)

free write, straight into the blog. make it rhyme. let's see how this goes :/ haha.
oh, there is no good in me
not an ounce of sympathy
i'm a liar and a thief
but i'm alright

there's a confidence in me
an abortion of unease
close the door and see the greed
that lies inside

how the gravity draws
how the comfort groans
how the growing takes the
time from out my lungs
follows me around



He's Got Mads Talent

This kid. This kid is good. Mads Langer - "Fact-Fiction"

Ben Howard - "The Wolves"

Can't get this song to stop playing in my head. Beautifully fashioned. Ben Howard - "The Wolves"

American Christianity

Why is Christianity legal in America? What are we as Christians doing that is so tame that it would be tolerated by such a wide spread amount of people? The Jesus I've read about isn't tame. The Paul I've read about followed Jesus in a way that put him in jail. Jesus was nailed on a cross, because his culture took him as a criminal. He was not tame. Why am I? Why isn't what I stand for making more noise in a wild way? Something's wrong.