Ok, so I have a good number of friends that I've recommended this site to, and they all seem to love it. I thought I'd passed it on to my blogger friends. It's called omgpop. It's mini gaming and social networking mixed together. You can play their versions of tetris, pictionary, mini-golf, bomber man, word twist, and a lot more! Go check it out, and see if you like it! If you do, add me as a friend: smushums456

Peace guys!

Ok, It's Alright With Me

Black Magic

There's this girl. Her name is Meagan. Her posts make my day.
Check her out!

The God of Gum

I've been chewing this gum religiously for over a year now. I LOVE it!

Wrigley's 5 Cobalt

Second, Third, and Forth:
Extra - Supermint

Extra - Cool Watermelon

Orbit - Watermelon Mist

(i don't chew cinnamon gum cuz i'm allergic to it, otherwise...)

So, those are my favorites. What are yours?!

Give It Time

One of my favorite, favorite artists came out with a new album a little while back that I can't stop listening to. One song in particular, "Give It Time" is a daily encouragement to slow down, have patience, and live in the moment. I hope you're blessed. Molly Jenson - "Give It Time"


80's Music Videos - #5

Mr. Mister - "Kyrie"

80's Music Videos - #4

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good

(post inspired by miss christa and mister michael)