F-R-E-E that spells Free

Hola de Denton!

Well, I'm in Art Six, coffee shop (I know, crazy thought, eh?), writing and thinking and breathing.  Life is lovely, no?  I got out of English class about an hour ago and then headed over here for some "Kelsey-time".  As I scrounged up a ridiculous four bucks for my soy chai latte, I thought about a simple promise that Christ gives me everyday: "I am not going to leave you.  I will be with you and give you the strength to bear up under everything that is placed in your path."  I've been thinking on that grace lately.  Grace is such a pivotal part of the Christian walk, but church-goers normally only take into account the grace that the Father gives us personally.  What about the grace we give others?  

I believe that Christianity coincides with the grace not only given to us by the Father, but also the grace that we offer and receive from others.  This is to do as Christ does.  If I am walking with a person who is wanting to live as Christ lived, why would I hesitate to trust the person to give me grace?  And also, should I not also trust myself to give them grace?  This is a simple thought until you consider that if you and I BOTH need grace, you WILL hurt me and I WILL hurt you.  If this wasn't so, why then would grace be needed or much less offered?

I tend to be a person who concentrates a lot on reality.  In saying this, I personally find it quite rational to walk in this grace, both giving and receiving.  Do you agree?

I'd like to know your thoughts as well.  What is your take and angle and belief on grace?

I love you more than you know and I'm thinkin of you. KeLSey

First Blog

Hey guys,

Yeah, first blog, yippee.  Hah - I thought that a site dedicated to the art of blogging was a more appropriate place for me to share my heart then the good ol' Facebook "Notes" section.  It's only 11:35 PM and I'm tired (which is rare for me considering I left my old lady sleep patterns during Christmas Break).  Time for an update on life?  I think so.

Denton = fabulous.  I love UNT and the people down here.  It's great to know that you're in the right place, and that's how I feel about North Texas.  My roommate, though I'm unsure if she'll ever read this, is absolutely amazing.  She has totally been a Godsend and has challenged me to pursue the holiness of Christ by her mere actions.  I love her!

I'm attending The Village Church here in Denton.  Wow, if you guys get a chance, I would recommend the podcasts.  Brilliant!  I learn new things every time I listen to the leadership's words (which is a HuGe thing, because I grew up in church and in a private Christian school).  Christ is big, big, big!

Alright, kids, this is the end of my first blog.  I hope that you'll visit here again and see if you can't get inside my head a bit.  Love you more than you know.