The Most Amazing Soap

So, I know that I am about to expose myself as the biggest dork ever (thanks, Sam and TJ), BUT I am just so excited about this soap that I found!  It's called SPA Radiant moisture wrap from Softsoap.  Dude, this stuff smells amazing.  So amazing, in fact, I thought, "I totally wish that they had an air freshener that had this same smell so I could have my house smell like this."  Well, of course they are not going to have an air freshener, but I DID find that they have this same thing in body wash.  Oh, yeah baybay (dork disclaimer - yes I am aware of it)!  Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know about my great new discovery and see if you might try it as well.

My Selfishness, His Righteousness

It is becoming more apparent to me on a daily basis of how self-centered I am.  It’s truly saddening to my heart, the extent of my self-righteousness and want for my own ways to be brought into physical effect.  I am not called to such a thing.  

I AM, however, called to the furthering of the name of Jesus Christ, the Maker of all and the Healer of all.  He is the one who grants me the breath that I breathe, the very same breath that I decide will either further my name or His.  It seems so easy to choose the renown of my King, but SO often do I choose my own!  

And yet, He is forgiving and loving to me.  He is the author and the finisher of the faith that has been so freely given to me.  Man, I don’t even deserve to be alive.  The law says that I am to be put to death for the wrongs that I have committed.  Yet, Jesus, in His utter sovereignty, came down in human form to sacrifice Himself on a cross that I may live and possess life to the highest level.  

The old has gone and the new has come.  I will rejoice in the marvelous things He has done!

We Speak in Different Voices

My speech is slurred, but my heart is quiet.  Too quiet.  Almost gone.  It feels like it's time to give up.  I can feel the fuel rising again.  I will not allow it, yet I desire to embrace it to its full penetrating potential.  The lack of it all is flustering.  I can almost taste the end with my tongue.  The rose is slowly welcoming its own dejection, and the gardener seems to call for it.  It begs.  It groans for release.  Though the fire may lie in expectation, the rose embodies its thoughts into trails of smoke.  The rain will only rust.  The light will only blind.  A fictional life's view is most definite.  But no one will notice the lack of one single rose taken out of the gardener's bed.

I Need...I Do

I need to find a place with great clothes for a great price.  I need...I do!  Help me?