"Make Believe" by Kelsey LeAnne

It's ok
I'll just forget you in the morning
No sweat
We'll never have to face the sunrise
There's more
But let's not chance the bad for the good
Never fear
I cannot hide, cannot hide in these tears

Fly higher
Never looking back, never shouting out those secrets kept inside your burdened heart
Dig deeper
Into holes that never seem to end, maybe this is all just make-believe

It's all right
We'll just say something to distract you
You are
A hero in my eyes
Please stop
Do not take another handful
I must
Help you lie

All the forms
Of conformation
The sickness makes me fight
For condemnation's sake
It's all a game
Of wit and brain and contemplation
You and I
Will never win

© 2009 KelseyLeAnneMusic All Right Reserved.


  1. Kelsey you are an amazing musician.