A friend of mine, that I have mentioned before, is one of the greatest minds I know: Robby Lester "the Ghostwrite". Here's one of his songs that is just so, so good. It's from his Anxiety/Fabled album.

"Chandrasekhar" by the Ghostwrite (
From inside here I don't feel like talking about anyone at all, to anyone at all.
This rotation will have to stop.
We waiting for headlights, pleading, come and end this all.
Cynically begging, will the pavement invite anyone at all?
Quietly thinking, questioning absolutes.
Is this fallible?
I know I'm fallible.
Can we have a code phrase for giving up?
Like five sinking ships, two imploding stars.
Thirty-three hours isn't much, but if this temporized, I'd be five sinking ships, two imploding stars.

Brilliant much? I wish I could write like this!