The Most Amazing Soap

So, I know that I am about to expose myself as the biggest dork ever (thanks, Sam and TJ), BUT I am just so excited about this soap that I found!  It's called SPA Radiant moisture wrap from Softsoap.  Dude, this stuff smells amazing.  So amazing, in fact, I thought, "I totally wish that they had an air freshener that had this same smell so I could have my house smell like this."  Well, of course they are not going to have an air freshener, but I DID find that they have this same thing in body wash.  Oh, yeah baybay (dork disclaimer - yes I am aware of it)!  Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know about my great new discovery and see if you might try it as well.


  1. lol :) yay soap!
    i might just get me some because you said it was so amazing haha.

    maybe you should write a song about it ;)