I'm so Tired

Well, it's been building in me for awhile, but today it finally broke free from my lungs and my mind.  I am so tired of the competition.  I am so sick of trying to get "noticed" and achieve something "great".  What?!  Who are they to tell me what great is?  What gives them the divine right to make the rules of beautiful, successful, smart, funny, and talented?  I am so sick of trying to please and satisfy the "judges" of life.  The race makes me sick, tired, anxious, and weary.  I cannot continue extending my alleged self to the hands of the moderators that feed off of my failure.  I will not allow it!  Why is it that I feel the need to please the audience of people surrounding me?  What have I to offer or to gain?  Nothing!  So, I must cease this pursuit, because I will never get or give enough.