Miss Lou

You have been my most trusted friend since I can remember.  You are absolutely, 100% the thing that keeps me going, the thing that keeps me pressing through the hard stuff life often throws in our faces.  I remember days and nights of fighting and friendship.  It almost kills me each time I leave you alone.  I want the best for you and would truly give up anything in order for you to have it.  You deserve it.  I know I’ve hurt you and you’ve hurt me, but it is those very instances that call me to a deep love and confidence in you.  You and I are so alike, yet so very different at the same time.  You, sweet friend, are utterly gorgeous.  The way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you cry draws me into you.  I can’t help it.  I know that Christ is working so mightily in you and has plans far beyond what either one of us can imagine.  I am so very proud of you.  You.  Not what you’ve done or how you’ve done it.  You, who you are.  Thank you for always being here for me and loving me without condition.  I’m extremely excited to see you following the famous name of Jesus.  You are exquisite.