April Fools Day

Sooo today I played a really bad trick on my mom.  I had my roommate call her up...wait a second, ok.  Let's also put into account that my roommate, Robyn, discouraged me SEVERAL times before I did this.  Ok, in saying that, Robyn called her up and, well it went something like this:

"Hello ma'am.  Is this Kathy Schneider?"
"Yes, it is."
"Ok, Mrs. Schneider, I was told to let you and your family know that your daughter, Kelsey Schneider, has been admitted to the Denton County Hospital..."
"O really?  Ok."
"to the ICU"
"The ICU?!"
"Because of multiple stab wounds..."
(Then she and I start cRaCkInG up!)  "April Fools!"

My mom, as Robyn thought she might, took it really hard and was quiet for a good 10-20 seconds.  She was NOT happy and it scared her really bad.  I've had some pretty bad ideas in the past that have backfired in about this same way, but this is up there on the "I feel sooo bad for doing that" list.  Although it was fun and got my heart beating pretty quickly, haha, this was not one of my better moments.  Oh gah, Kelsey's gonna pay for this, I know it!  

So, little children, take it from me.  Don't do this to your mom, or any member of your family for that matter.  It's not a good idea (though I still think it was pretty funny and genius work by the both of us, haha).  I'm evil.  But Mom's fine and she'll make it through.  I think this stunt took a good year or two off of her life, but she's gonna be fine.

Thanks for checkin in.  And Happy April Fools Day.  Go trick someone!


  1. Posted by Anonymous on April 2, 2008 at 10:58 PM

    hey. i could never do something like that, you're a brave one. wish i could have pranked someone...i was at my grandmother's funeral yesterday and visited a lot of family...just wasn't the year for an april fool's day for me...but yours made me laugh...and thanks for the comment on my The First Kiss blog...true story by the way....hope you have a great rest of the week...