After spending a couple of days in this great city I am extremely aware that I would never last here.  

1.  I have to have warm sunshine.  The water is brilliant, but I wish for sunshine in compliment. 
2.  My music is too sweet, soft, and honest for this area.  Everything is loud and mean.  Couldn't do it, sir. 
3.  People are hard.  I love people.  It's really tough to keep my head up without them.  The majority of these people will never get to experience the friendliness of Texas.  That saddens me.  I have come to respect Texans so much in the past couple of days.
I want to move out to San Diego soon.  After Nursing School I'll be out here again, but just a bit Southward.
Now, it's off to another museum.  I'm having fun despite my complaints!  Have a beautiful week, friends.


  1. kelsey! your comments always make me smile! how are you?