.Me : Raw.

I am not brave, though I wish I was.  I am dirty, though I try to hide it.  I am naïve, and don’t pretend that I am not.  I am a recluse, though I’d never want to tell you.  I am used to failure, and used to dwelling on those failures.  I hold onto the little things, though they often make me wane.  I am passionate, and yet indolent.  I am shifty, though relentless for a season.  I am selfish, prideful, and arrogant.  I will never reach my potential, but for some reason people will feel the need to tell me how much I could be.  I am extremely patient, though incompetent people will be the end of me.  I am talented, yet never the best.  I hide behind the dauntless.  I am drawn to wit, though never embraced. I cannot sit still, though I cannot get up.  I am not in control, and it kills me. 


  1. Posted by Anonymous on September 29, 2008 at 1:09 AM

    intense, this one is.

  1. Very nice.

    And I may have been one of those kids, but not at a hockey game. Also, it was Jeremy with me.

  1. Damn, much agreed with Pete. Quite intense.