Countdown to Denton

Wow, I am so incredibly ready to leave this town, Lubbock, and get back to my home.  I will be moving into a new apartment with my good friend and roommate Miss Robyn.  It will be my first time to be having guests over for meals and just to hang out.  Plus, it will be more isolated than the dorms at UNT, so I'm really excited about that (because noise at 3AM sucks).  

I have had an extremely tough summer and am truly ready to get away from everything in and about Lubbock, TX.  I'll be spending this next week getting all of my stuff together and saying goodbyes before heading out.  My sister has a volleyball game in DFW this coming weekend, so I think my family will drive up with me and help me unpack the car.  

This next weekend I'll be moving and settling in to my new apartment, looking for work (hopefully close to school, we'll see what is available), and enjoying some night life.  A friend from Lubbock that I've worked with this summer (thank God for him!!) went to school in Denton a couple of years back and is going to be in town this coming weekend as well.  Maybe I'll get to hang with him a little on Saturday: hit up some good places he knows about.  

After the weekend is through school will be back in session, and I'll be learning again (yay!).  Call me a nerd, but I love to learn (planning on all A's this semester).  

Anyways, that's my update and countdown to Denton.  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!! :o)  Love, Kelsey

P.S.  I bought a 360 and now have a gamer tag:  tx05killa  :add me!


  1. Posted by Anonymous on August 25, 2008 at 10:47 AM

    i want to move from where i am. i need a new environment.